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Step by step towards parenthood

With the help of VivaNeo Sperm Bank, you are a big step closer to having a child. We will outline the procedure for finding your personal sperm donation step by step here. 

1. Consultation with the treating physician

Before starting treatment, it is usual to have a consultation with a medical specialist, who will advise you on the legal, medical and social issues related to donor insemination. You can have this consultation with your own gynaecologist or with a specialist at one of the VivaNeo Group fertility centres.

Before performing artificial insemination with a sperm donation, as a rule the doctor will conclude a written agreement with you, which sets out the rights and obligations of the parties involved. In addition, a contract certified by a notary is frequently necessary, which mainly serves to secure the rights of the child conceived with the assistance of donor semen.

Although neither of these agreements are directly relevant for ordering the sperm donation, they are a prerequisite in Germany for the subsequent treatment. The regulations differ considerably in other countries.

2. Selecting the right donor

Our catalogue currently comprises more than 150 active donors with properties ranging from physique, hair and eye colour to blood group, rhesus factor and profession.

We are the only sperm bank in Germany that enables you to select the donor's ethnic origin.  The number of sperm donors in our catalogue – and in turn the selection that we offer couples wanting to have a child – is growing continuously.

We would be happy to provide advice on selecting the right donor profile. For example, based on your photos and our extensive experience in the area, we can help you to find the donor that best matches your appearance and your partner’s appearance.

For this purpose, we take into account physical properties such as eye and hair colour or skin type as well as face shape and features. We can also discuss the character traits of the donor together. We can either provide advice in a consultation here at the institute or per telephone and email – whatever suits you best.

Alternatively, you can select the donor yourself. Simply enter any combination of properties to receive a list of suggestions. Finally, all it takes is a simple mouse click to select the profile that best matches your specifications.

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