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Choosing a donor

Safety and quality

The VivaNeo Sperm Bank currently stores semen from more than 150 donors. The number of donors is growing continuously. Nevertheless, quality is more important than quantity. On average, only one in fifteen potential donors meet our strict selection criteria.

Quality and safety are given top priority across the board. And it has paid off: We are the first and currently only sperm bank in Europe to be certified according to the most recent and extremely demanding ISO 9001:2015 standard for quality management. This standard requires the donor's blood and urine to be examined one more time in order to rule out contagious diseases.

Multi-stage screening process

Before becoming a VivaNeo Sperm Bank donor, a candidate undergoes a strict selection process. In an initial screening interview, we obtain a detailed personal impression of the candidate.

If this impression is positive, we verify the quality of his sperm. Our standards are high because when sperm is frozen, part of it is lost. The sperm density of an acceptable donor therefore has to be more than twice as high than the average density for the overall population.

If this is the case, the candidate's blood and urine are examined to rule out any contagious and sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, we measure the vitality of the sperm.

If these analyses meet our requirements, the candidate is invited to a final consultation with one of our doctors. After that, the first donation can be made.

We continue to implement additional safety checks after this:

On the one hand, each time one of donors donates semen, we perform a blood and urine test as described above.

On the other hand, each sperm sample is vitrified and stored in quarantine for at least half a year. After six months the donor's blood and urine are examined again to rule out contagious diseases.

The sperm is only released for use if there are no pathological findings. If this is not the case, this sample and all other samples made by the donor within the last six months are destroyed. As a rule, the donor is permanently excluded from our programme.

In this way, we can ensure that we only dispatch sperm that is guaranteed to be free of risk of infection.

We are happy to perform further genetic tests on demand – for example, tests related to patients' familial predispositions.

Profile information

The donor profile encompasses the essential personal data and physical characteristics of our donors such as physique, hair and eye colour, blood group and rhesus factor. Couples wanting to have a child can select a donor who is suitable for them based on these criteria.

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