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How to order donor semen

1. Quality and quantity

First decide how much of the selected donor semen you want to order and the quality you require.

The "sort of straw" differentiates the type of preparation and the quality/motility "MOT" corresponds to the number of motile sperm per milliliter. We supply the donor sperm in so-called starws with a volume of 0.3 ml each.

  • NF ("native frozen"): 
    The donor semen is immediately frozen after the medical examination and not processed. It therefore has to be prepared in the laboratory of the gynaecologist treating you before insemination. You can also select whether it is tested for CFTR. This relatively frequent, hereditary metabolic disorder can lead to cystic fibrosis, a chronic respiratory disease.
    Depending on the natural sperm parameters, NF straws are offered in motilities between MOT 5 and MOT 40.
    For an IUI we recommend 2 straws MOT> 16, 3 straws MOT 10-15 or 4 straws MOT <10.
    For an IVF, we recommend 3-4 straws and for one ICSI 1 straw is sufficient.
    In case t
    he laboratory prefers an elaborate gradient preparation of the material, please contact your laboratory in order to discuss the required number of staws.
  • RTU ("ready-to-use"):
    This quality is a lot more complex to produce, but then easier to use. RTU semen is prepared before it is frozen and can be immediately used for insemination after thawing. RTU donations are always tested for CFTR.
    RTU straws are ideally produced in a MOT10 motility (10 million sperm per ml), meaning that there are approximately 3 million motilesperm in a straw.
    For an IUI we recommend 1 stalk MOT> 9 or 2 stalks MOT 5-9.

2. Ordering and costs

Unlike many other sperm banks, we do not charge an admission fee or a basic fee. You only pay for the amount of semen you have ordered, together with shipping costs of 80 euros within Germany, 150 to the Netherlands and 450 euros within the rest of Europe.

The prices are as follows (each for a 0.3 ml straw):

  • NF, not tested for CFTR: 160 euros
  • NF, tested for CFTR: 220 euros
  • RTU: 400 euros

Matching service: If desired, we will gladly take over the appropriate donor search for you! We charge a rate of € 85, - including the individual research with photo matching by our employees and a subsequent detailed consultation on the appropriate donor selection (by telephone, up to 20 minutes).

Consultation: Individual consultations about matchings and donors which exceed the matching service, we charge € 35, - (by telephone, up to 20 minutes)

NOTE: As a German sperm bank we may only deliver to clinics that are officially authorized to use reproductive cells. Therefore, we are not allowed to send our dnor sperm to private household and self-insemination is thusnot possible.
Please specify the contact data of the physician or clinic where you plan to undergo treatment.

After you have submitted your order per mouse click, we will reserve your semen order.

3. Contract

Before we ship the order, you are required to sign and send us the contract that you will receive at the end of the order process.

Please print out the document and send us a signed copy per post to the address provided on the contract.

4. Delivery

As soon as we have received the contract and the order has been paid, a specialized company will deliver the sensitive shipment, cooled down to -170 degrees Celsius. The delivery includes a cover letter containing all of the important information about the semen and how to use it.

In Germany, we contact the physician treating you beforehand to ensure smooth delivery.

After the order is placed, this process usually takes three weeks.

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