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Order sperm donations

We would be happy to help you find the right donor for you.

In addition to the physical characteristics such as eye and hair colour, we can also focus on the external balance, such as face shape and facial features, and character traits.

To find the best match to your partner's appearance and your appearance, please fill in the online matching-form or download it in the PDF version and send us the form together with photos and the purchase contract.

In the purchase contract, we guarantee that the donation is professionally received, prepared, stored and shipped in compliance with EU directives and stipulate that the donation is correctly used by the attending physician. In addition, we repeat the important points of the agreement certified by a notary (the fact that the genetic father does not remain anonymous, the child's fundamental right to know his/her genetic parentage, etc.). We guarantee that the number of children per donor is limited and ask you as a couple to actively support us in this respect.

Search for your donor in the online shop
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Download the purchase contract between patient couple and the VSB

Notification of your pregnancy and the birth of your child

If a donor has a large number of descendants in a country, there is a risk of inbreeding. Therefore, most countries have a quota fixing the number of descendants authorized per donor. The quota is related to the place of treatment and not to the place of residence of the patient. If we are aware of a regulation of this kind, we observe it strictly.

If there is no regulation, we limit the number of descendants per country to one live birth per one million inhabitants. This restriction is related to the place of residence of the mother and not to the place of treatment, e.g. in the event of medical tourism.

It is therefore necessary to collect as much information about treatments that have been conducted with donated sperm as possible and to keep records of successful pregnancies and births.

We need your help to do this.

For this purpose, please fill in the relevant forms notifying us of the course of your treatment and for notifying us of the birth as carefully as possible and send them to us. 

All data will naturally be treated confidentially.

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