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For over 15 years, VivaNeo Sperm Bank GmbH has helped couples in Germany and abroad to fulfil their wishes of having a child through the use of sperm donors. With years of experience and a high level of professionalism, we are one of the leading institutions in this field.

There are more than 150 sperm donors registered in our continuously growing sperm bank, with a wide variety of characteristics – and this number is continually increasing. Therefore, the probability of hopeful parents finding the right donor profile for them is very high. In order to be included in the sperm bank, donors must meet strict quality standards and go through multi-stage selection processes.

Carefully examined sperm donors

High quality and professional procedures are the first priority for the VivaNeo sperm bank. This is evident from our ISO-Norm 9001:2015 Quality Management certificate, which we received in April 2016 as the first sperm bank in Europe.

Each sperm donor is carefully assessed by us and goes through extensive medical examinations. Due to the quality control, as well as gained expertise and knowledge from over 15,000 successful treatments a year, we ensure the best quality from our donors. Both, hopeful parents and donors will experience professional, high-quality and confidential care throughout this personal process to make it as comfortable as possible. Get in touch with our experienced team for an initial consultation.

For future parents

Choosing a sperm donor is a very personal process and we will support you throughout the decision-making process with our expert and individual advice. Donors are subjected to strict controls to ensure a high quality standard for every donation. Contact our team to get all the important information on the process, the donor selection as well as the costs and the order.

For donors

Would you like to help couples who wish to have children? Take a look at which requirements you have to fulfil to do so, and find out how the process of being sperm donor at the VivaNeo Sperm Bank works.

You would like to be a donor?

We inflict high quality standards on all of our sperm donors. We are pleased about your interest in being a donor and will accompany you through the multi-stage selection process. Our experienced team will take care of you confidentially and professionally along the way. Learn more and become a donor today!

Application as donor

We are here for you!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

Give us a call 0211 / 90 17 27 0

Fax: +49 (0)211 / 90 17 27 17

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