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How to become a sperm donor for the VivaNeo Sperm Bank

All VivaNeo Sperm Bank donors complete a process that guarantees maximum safety and quality for all involved.

This process is as follows:

1. Initial interview

Get in touch with us per email or per phone. If you are aged between 18 and 38 years and do not suffer from any contagious or hereditary diseases, we will invite you to a detailed interview. In this interview, we get to know each other, talk about the procedure for donating sperm and deal with contractual and legal matters.

If you agree with our general conditions and we consider you to be suitable, you submit a sample of your semen for a first analysis. This enables us to determine whether the quality of your sperm meets our basic requirements.

2. Medical examination

If the results of the sperm analysis are positive, we will invite you to come for a second examination. This time, we will take blood and urine samples together with another sperm sample in order to perform a comprehensive medical assessment. Our main objective is to rule out infectious and sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Consultation with a doctor

If you successfully master this step, you will then have a consultation with one of our sperm bank's doctors – either face-to-face or per video conference, depending on where you live. It is an opportunity for you to ask any remaining questions. After this we enter your data in our catalogue of donors.

4. First donation

Well done! You are now a registered donor of the VivaNeo Sperm Bank. You can now donate your first sample.

5. Release of donations

Each sperm donation is stored for at least half a year before being released for use. Before releasing it, we make another blood and urine test to rule out infectious and sexually transmitted diseases. This is often performed when the donor concerned comes in to make a new donation.

If everything is all right, the donated sperm can be shipped.

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