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How are sperm donations paid for?

This is how we compensate you for your donation

As soon as you have successfully completed our screening process, you can regularly make donations. As a rule, more than 20 sperm donations are possible per year.

You will receive up to 200 euros per donation as compensation payment. This is paid in two steps.

First instalment

You receive the first instalment payment of up to 100 euros for a donation when you next come to the institute to make a donation. You will only get paid if the donation has proved to be usable.

Second instalment

You receive the second instalment, also up to 100 euros, half a year after you submitted the donation (in other words, after the quarantine period). This is subject to the blood and urine examination, which is repeated one more time, being without any pathology.

If we find evidence of infectious or sexually transmitted diseases in the samples, unfortunately we will not be able to pay out the second instalment because the donation is not usable and has to be destroyed.

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