Help people to fulfil their desire to have children!

Many people cannot have children naturally – for health reasons or because their life situation prevents them from doing so. Donor semen makes it possible for many of them to be parents all the same.

Help these people – become a sperm donor!

Quality and safety

As a donor at VivaNeo Sperm Bank, you can rely on discretion, quality and safety across the board – from your first consultation with us to the moment your sperm is shipped. Our professional processes ensure that all persons involved get first-class service.

There are good reasons for us being the first sperm bank in Europe to be certified according to the latest ISO quality standard 9001:2015.

Contact for sperm donors

The very first step of contacting our clinic is easy and convenient. Sperm donors can make an appointment for their first screening interview in the following ways. 

You can fill in the form below. One of our employees will contact you in the near future. 

N.B. All fields marked with a * are mandatory.

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